Image of Youth In Asia

Youth In Asia

by Vitiate


The collab EP between Vitiate and Anonamix of Evil Intentions. This is for the hard copy of the album. Tracklist is below....

1. Youth In Asia (Intro)
2. Underdogs ft. Klive Kraven & Killa T (prod. Teknodrome)
3. Heartbeats Stopping (prod. Teknodrome)
4. Pair A Troopas (prod. Infidel)
5. Torture Is Entertainment (prod. Teknodrome)
6. Evil Intermission (prod. Vitiate)
7. The Killers ft. Lo Key (prod. Teknodrome) [cuts by TMB]
8. Long Island Serial Killers (prod. Teknodrome)
9. Nightmare (prod. Teknodrome)
10. Evil Intended ft. Formaldahyde (prod. Infidel)
11. Introverted (prod. Flag Captured)
12. Re-Awakening (Outro)