Image of Audio Autopsy *PRE-ORDER*

Audio Autopsy *PRE-ORDER*

by Vitiate
and B-Rhymez


This is for the pre-order of the Audio Autopsy EP by Off the Record (Vitiate & B-Rhymez) available everywhere May 28th. All pre-orders come autographed by both Vitiate and B-Rhymez.


1. Intro
2. Code 459 (prod. Infidel)
3. Robbed Tonight Remix (prod. Infidel)
4. Poetry 'n' Motion (prod. Motion)
5. A Snares Worst Nightmare ft. Anonamix & A-Wall (prod. Anonamix)
6. No Bubblegum (prod. Teknodrome)
7. Dropkicks Remix ft. Anonamix (prod. Anonamix)
8. Off the Record Vs. The World
9. Bars/Beats/Bitches (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)
10. D.T.W. (prod. Infidel)
11. On the Record With Off The Record
12. Numb (prod. Infidel)
13. Say Goodbye (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)
14. Just One Night (prod. Space-N-Veda)